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Close-up ORI-1 gaming display

Incredible Performance

The fast screen display with low response time ensures an immersive experience,at any place you play.  With up to 300Hz refresh rate, up to QHD resolution and NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ or AMD FreeSync™, fast frame rates and  smooth animation comes with you.

Reduced screen tearing minimizes display stutter and reduce input lag for a rich gaming session.

The liquid cooling with its two giant fans guarantee a permanent and efficient cooling of the entire system. The heat never affects the components as the airflow has been calculated with strong aeronautics and fluid mechanics engineering.

Push to the limits, your machine will never fail.

We do not throttle, nor we do lag!

GPU Airflow
Running ORI-1 cooling system back view
Side airflow aspiration vents

Augment Your Game

Play it with multiple configurations. Thanks to its multiple ports, plugging additional screens is as easy as starting the machine.

The external display ports connectors allows for an immersive experience in your favorite games.

Setup your streaming machine in just a few seconds and start streaming your gaming parties

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Unparalleled Experience

Experience unparalleled modularity with OrigameComputers PCs, tailor-made for the demanding eSports arena. Beyond exceptional performance, OGC's innovative design offers unmatched adaptability. Whether you're strategizing for a battle royale or combo-ing in a retro fighter, seamlessly switch between a high-performance keyboard and a Zero-latency arcade stick. Simply slide out the keyboard tray, and in its place, secure your arcade stick for that authentic arcade gaming feel. With OGC, you don't just play the game; you mold the experience to your playstyle!

No More Messy Cables

OrigameComputers ONE cable setup philosophy solves the problem of messy cables and entanglements.

Unleash the power with a single power cable and get ready to start your battles.

We have encountered many players who dreamed about it, and we did it. Plug and play in less that 15 seconds.

Easy Access To Components

Our ORI-1 computer has been designed to support desktop grade standard components with mini-ITX motherboards.

Thanks to its great modularity, accessing the components for upgrades, changes has never been that easy.

Portability with modularity for the gamers.

Computer Processor
Computer Board

The Best Components

The first OGC ORI-1 computer comes with the best of breed components to achieve the best quality/performance ratio. In addition we optimize the machines to offer the best performance possible for the gamers, and we are not talking about simple tweaks.

Initially the ORI-1 is proposed in 3 modes:

  • As a DIY enthusiast, you may want to fit your own components, so a barebone version is available

  • As a pro-gamer, you are looking to play with the highest frame-rates with ORI-1 Pro will give you plenty of power in a well optimized configuration by our engineers

  • For the demanding gamers who are willing to taste the ultimate power, the ORI-1 Storm is built just for that, still with our own recipes

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