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The Story

The project was born during an international conference on cyber security in early 2018, when the co-founders discovered that gamers were gathering around for a competition on the side of the event. They knew each other as neighbors first and sharing a common interest of cyber security. This competition was a live experience that shed light on an organized professional gaming industry world.

This initial experience led them start ideating around how computers needed to be better. Following this event, the first concepts were floated and continued to evolve while the industry was growing fast. During the initial years, they met with key industry players, eSports players who provided new insights to the development: gaming was creating also challenges for professional gamers. It became obvious that something needed to be done to solve those challenges and at the same the founding team identified that the gaming industry needed a true lifestyle refresh.


Origame Computers was born in late 2019. In 2020 the team hired a design agency to refine the concepts and initial product to make it ready soon.

The name comes from the modular capabilities of the computer as in the Japanese art of folding, the Origami. The logo has been designed to represent the core values of the brand that revolves around the high performance, the power and the mobility/agility.

Origame Computers is a brand built with passion and commitment, dedicated to the serious gamers.

Who We Are

With more than 60 years of overall cumulative technological experience and expertise, the team has decided to leverage their skills to make this product truly unique and custom.

Indeed each machine is tailor made and crafted as the "haute couture" of the computer industry, as every detail has been thought through for professional needs and based on years of engineering.

The ORI-1 blueprint assembles key pillars that determined the end result and guarantees a unique gaming experience. As we do focus on performance, our machines as engineered with high performance in their DNA. At the same time, cyber security being part of our expertise, we design our machines to be resilient to cyber attacks too.

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